Kevin Gray 5k Report and Results

I didn't do too bad at the Kevin Gray Inaugural Father's Day 5k; placing 4th in my age group.  Considering I ran 10 miles the night before and played a double-header of softball, I am happy with the results =)

It was a great race through the T-Bones stadium and ending up in the Sporting KC stadium.  The first mile was up hill and into the wind but not too terribly bad.  The only suggestions I had for changes were to move the "chip-cutters" back away from the finish line a little and maybe have some water bottles closer to the finish. I had to go up a long flight of stairs to get water. I understand it must be difficult to end a race in a nice stadium like that and provide amenities without mucking up the field.  They had to shew me out of the leather box seats once as well =)

All in all, it was a great, well organized race and a real treat for Father's day.