Mass Street Mile and more...

We ran the Mass Street Mile over the weekend. It was my first timed event on a mile run. I was proud to put in a time of 6:31 and smack dab in the middle of the pack. Julie surprised herself and me by coming in with a fantastic time of 8:04 which was much better than what she expected (10:00).

I was a little sore the next day from my lack of interval training. Julie said she was fine. She does a lot of interval stuff in her class as well as general muscle work in that area. I generally just run with some push-ups and crunches thrown in.

Now I need to decide on a race for this weekend. It's looking like the Eudora Horse-Thief 5k. The shirt alone would be reason to do this one. But, since I'm not guaranteed a shirt as a late registration, I'm kinda bummed.

Mass Street Mile Results